Hello, my name is Karla.

I can help you craft + tell your culinary story.

I have helped others tell theirs.


Why hire a professional food photographer?  

If you are a chef, a restaurant owner or make your own food product,
you may have realized food photography is harder than it looks.
Your iphone may do the job sometimes, but you may be ready for more than that.

If the cake looks good in person, it doesn't necessarily mean it will look good on camera.
Most of the time, working with food is not only a matter of placing it
on the plate and shooting it
with good equipment.

It requires planning and attention to detail. 

You need creative direction for the images, shopping for ingredients, choosing a backdrop,
sourcing props, setting those up, excellent lighting, prepping + styling the food, shooting and finally editing.

Food photography is an investment.  

Strong images sell better than any other form of advertisement.

You want your clients to practically taste your food by simply looking the photos.
And for that, professional food photography is the way to go.

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I work a little differently...

When talking to clients I have found most of them struggle with finding a food photographer
who is not only great with the camera but also truly understands their brand’s visual identity.
You need all the images on your website and social media to look + feel consistent.
 I can help you with that.

Other clients not only want to portray their product or service,
but want to show the lifestyle associated with it. They want to tell a story.
See some examples here.

In some cases you need to hire a food stylist, prop stylist and a food photographer separately,
making your project less cost effective.

If we work together I can take care of it all.


Let's talk a little more.

I believe all clients are individual and have different needs and dreams.
I would love to hear yours.
Call me, email me or fill out my contact form and I will be in touch.

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