Hello! My name is Karla.
I am a photographer + stylist + designer. 

I work with clients big and small in the US, Mexico and overseas,
helping them craft and tell their culinary story through photography and styling.

My work is characterized by natural light, bold + vivid colors,
embracing raw moments and simplicity.

I am passionate about creating visual concepts and making them come to life.

I was born + raised in Mexico City into a family where creativity played an important role.
Music, art and expression were not only valued but highly encouraged.
I started shooting at the age of 6 with a plastic, red camera and began developing
and selling my prints at the age of 15. When I wasn't shooting, I was baking,
painting, crafting, writing or playing the piano. I earned my BS in Communications/Advertising
from Boston University, a degree in Interior Design from FIDM
and have taken a wide range of courses in photography, food styling and culinary arts.

However, I believe practice has been my greatest teacher. 

I have been fortunate enough to travel a lot and live in different places.
I believe this has helped me develop a sharp eye and global understanding of culture and design. 

My biggest source of inspiration comes from exploring new places, cultures and markets.

At the age of 19, I moved to Florence, Italy, followed by Boston, L.A., and Miami.
I finally settled in NYC in early 2012. Today, I alternate my time
between the US and Mexico and travel as much as I can.