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Tiklari was born on my first visit to Istanbul in 2010, where I found herself in awe of Turkey’s rich jewelry culture. I currently collaborate with artisans from Turkey to create unique jewelry, wishing to celebrate fashion as an art form born from the flow of ideas and fusion of culture.

Recently re-opened, I am still working on uploading most of my work into my Etsy shop. Because fun art should be available and accessible to many, I have created this little shop, where you will find fun, colorful prints for your home. Contact me for custom prints. Happy shopping!

Rawmona was born in 2014.  Moved by the honesty in the simple and ordinary, I take gifts from nature and every-day objects to transform them into something magical and unexpected. The little girl inside of me comes out every time I draw + color + dream about what Rawmona’s world is all about.