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Karla Diaz Cano uses different mediums to explore, deepen and share her connection to Mother Earth. Illustration, baking, jewelry are her main channels of expression, and through her work, Karla’s hope is to inspire others to redeem our connection to our own selves, our inner magic, our creativity and Mother Earth.

Karla’s work has evolved and transformed through the years, and it is a continuous reflection of her internal process and growth. As she has walked her spiritual path in search of her own internal healing, her life, the way she sees the world and the way she relates to Mother Earth have completely transformed. In 2013, Karla dove into learning about the healing powers of Nature, food, plants and meditation, mainly because she struggled with anxiety, depression and as a result, her physical health. Soon after, she was guided to study energy healing, the chakra system, and the power of crystals. In this process, Karla has surrounded herself with powerful healers who have become her friends, teachers, guides and mentors.

Making art has been an important part of her life and growth. Growing up as an only child, Karla spent a lot of time on her own. Creating art and music helped her not fall into deep feelings of loneliness and stay connected to herself. As an adult, art has helped her calm her mind, deal with difficult emotions, heal heartbreak, access her heart and reconnect to what is truly important for her.

Today, Karla’s art is a reflection of her internal healing, and believes everyone has the ability to heal through the deep exploration and expression of our internal selves.

For her, the Earth is the most creative artist and the best, most inspiring teacher of all: always transforming, constantly creating and recreating Herself in the most magnificent way. Mother Earth is also the source of sacred forces and healing offerings such as the ingredients Karla uses in her cakes, the plants, rocks flowers she uses in her Rawmona illustrations, and the crystals she uses to make her jewelry for Tiklari. Karla’s intuition and sense of wonder are evident in her work.

Karla has worked + collaborated with clients big and small in the US, Mexico and overseas such as Anthropologie, Target, Whole Foods, West Elm and Moleskine. Take a look at her complete list of clients + testimonials here. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Elle, InStyle and worn by Oprah herself.


Mother Earth is the most creative artist and the most inspiring teacher of all.